Seronera (Serengeti National Park)

Save time and fly direct to Serengeti National Park and spend more time admiring the wildlife. Famous for the great migration whereby about a million wildebeest cross from north to south in the search of water and green pasture. Serengeti National park in accessible throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between June – September.

Precision Air flies to Serengeti via Seronera Airstrip every Monday,Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.




Entebbe is home to the State House and the official residence of the President of Uganda. Located approximately 47km from the capital city Kampala, Entebbe is also home to the only Uganda’s International Airport coded EBB. Sitting on the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe is estimated to have a population of about 79,000 people.

Entebbe has a beautiful Tropical rainforest weather, and home to a beautiful Entebbe Botanical Garden inhabiting diverse plants, birds and monkeys. You may also want to visit Lido Beach near the Entebbe International Airport or try Beach resorts on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Currently Precision Air flies to Entebbe 3x a week, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Fly six times effective from June 2018.