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1. Introduction

1.1 Terms and Conditions are the basis of Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program. They are intended to protect both Members and Precision Air. It is the Member's responsibility to read and understand them correctly.
1.2 These Terms and Conditions are effective as at the date specified above and may be amended by Precision Air Services Limited (herein “Precision Air”) from time to time. Members will be provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions at the time of joining Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program andany changes will be notified to Members in accordance with clause 3.2.
1.3 The Terms and Conditions of this Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Programapply to every Member

2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

'Active Member' at a point in time, means a Member who has earned orredeemed Points on their Membership account within the previous consecutive 12 months period from that point in time.

'Anniversary Month' is the month during which a Member joined Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program irrespective of the year.

'Benefits' means any of the facilities, discounts, services or arrangementsoffered or available to a Member as a result of membership in Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program including earning and redeeming Points and Awards.

'Benefits Guidebook' means the Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program Membership Benefits Guidebook published by Precision Air.

'Business Bonus' mean additional Points awarded for travel in a particular class of travel on an Eligible Flight.

'Card' means the Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program Membership Card that Precision Air may issue to the Member.

'Eligible Family Member' of a Member means any person the Member can demonstrate, to the reasonable satisfaction of Precision Air, as being related to that Member in any of the ways described below:

i. Husband/Wife

ii. Parent/Step-parent

ii. Domestic Partner/De-Facto

iii. Child, including foster & step-child

iv. Brother/Sister

v. Half Brother/Sister

vi. Grandparent

vii. Grandchild

viii. Son/Daughter-in-law

ix. Brother/Sister-in-law

x. Father/Mother-in-law

xi. Uncle/Aunt

xii. Nephew/Niece

xiii. First cousin

'Eligible Flight' has the meaning given in clause 9.3.1.

'E-Ticket' means an itinerary and/or receipt in respect of a booking issued.

'Fare Conditions'means all terms and conditions of a fare, ticket or carriage, however described, which apply in relation to one or more flights.

'Flight' means one way travel (without a Stopover) on a scheduled airservice even if the travel includes a change of aircraft.

'Flight Segment' means a segment that has been or is intended to be flown.

'Flight Upgrade' means the redemption of Points for travel in a higher cabin than the class for the fare paid, as further described in clauses 12 and 13, and includes On Departure Upgrade.

'Frequent Flyer Support Centre' means a centre operated by or on behalf of Precision Air where membership information is processed and/or Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program is administered.

'Itinerary' means the detailed record held by Precision Air, or an Airline Partner of a journey or intended journey.

'Marketing Carrier' means the airline that support in sales yet it’s not the operating carrier.

'Member' means a person who is a member of Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program.

'Membership Year' commences on the first day of enrollment and concludes on the last day of the Member's Anniversary Month of the following year (12months).

'Minimum Points Guarantee' has the meaning given in clause 9.3.5.

'On Departure Upgrade' is a Flight Upgrade for a Precision Air flight redeemed on the day of departure in accordance with clause 13.

'Operating Carrier' means the carrier operating the aircraft for a Codeshare Flight.

'Paa Royal Earning Table' means the table headed as such, which is located in the Benefits Guidebook or within these Terms and Conditions.

'PIN' means the personal identification number which is issued to the Member by Precision Air or nominated by the Member and accepted by Precision Air (as applicable).

'Points' means frequent flyer points awarded to Members in Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

'Points Plus Pay' means the redemption of Points and payment of money in order to receive an Award subject to these Terms and Conditions.

'Priority Economy Class Seat Purchase' is a benefit for Tanzanite Members and is governed by the conditions in clause 15.3.

'Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program' means Precision Air Award frequent flyer program operated by a Precision Air.

'Segment' means the portion of a journey between two consecutive point slisted on an Itinerary. Segments may either be Flight Segments.

'Tier Points' are credits which are awarded to Members in accordance with clause 15 and which entitle Members to attain a higher program status level or retain a current status level.

'Terms and Conditions' means these Terms and Conditions between Precision Air and each Member, including all schedules and attachments.

3. Changes to Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program

3.1 Subject to clause 3.2, Precision Air reserves the right to make any changes (whether material or otherwise) to Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program, the Terms and Conditions, the Awards or Benefits offered and the Fee Schedule, including:
a) Changes to:

i. The ways in which Points are earned and redeemed.

ii. Point earning and redeeming rates and Eligible Flights.

iii. Award Flight on non-bookable periods.

iv. Limitations on the number of Flight Upgrades redeemable on particular flights.

v. Awards or Benefits, including the continued availability of Awards or Benefits.

vi. Award restrictions or conditions.

vii. Tier Point restrictions and conditions.

viii. Membership level requirements and benefits.

ix. Ticketing procedures.

x. Ticketing and service charges and other fees; and the expiry of accrued Points.

b) Changes to the parties included as Airline Partners or Non-airline Partners, or the products and services offered by any of those parties on which points may be earned.

c) Changes to any Airline Partner or Non-airline Partner participation including restrictions on earning and/or redeeming Points, cancellations, and Point earning and redemption levels, Awards or Benefits.

d) Changes to Precision Air’s products, services or flights.

3.2 Precision Air will use best efforts to advise Members of material changes to these Terms and Conditions and, where such changes will limit Benefits:

a) Where the Benefit is provided by Precision air, to give Members at least 2 months' notice.

b) Where the Benefit is provided by a third party, where possible give Members at least 30 days' notice.

3.3 Without limiting this clause 3 in any way, Members will be taken to havereceived the notice referred to in clause 3.2 if Precision Air notifies Members of the change by:

a) Providing notice at the address or e-mail address provided to Precision Air by the Member.

b) For Members living outside Tanzania , by posting details of the changes at this website.

3.4 Except as otherwise stated in applicable Fare Conditions, if an Award ceases to be available after it has been booked by a Member, Precision Air will (at the Member's option) either refund the Points redeemed by the Member to obtain the Award or provide an alternative Award of similar value.

4. Termination or Suspension of Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program

4.1 Precision Air gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program Program. Precision Air may terminate or suspend Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program Program at any time. Precision Air will give at least three months notice to Members of such termination or suspension, except if Precision Air ceases to operate an airline business in which case Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program will cease immediately.

4.2 If Precision Air terminates or suspends Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program, Members will be able to redeem Points during the notice period in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, except where Precision Air is ceasing to operate an airline business and/or has gone into liquidation or other form of administration, in which case Precision Air may terminate or cancel any Awards or Benefits immediately without notice.

5. Membership

5.1 Membership of Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program is open only to individuals. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, other entities, government departments, agencies, animals or inanimate objects.

5.2 Persons wishing to become Members must apply for Membership and pay any applicable joining or other fees. Membership is offered at the discretion of Precision Air. Precision Air has the right to accept or reject any application for Membership.

5.3 Each Member may have only one Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program account.

5.4 Successful applicants will be assigned a Membership number and PIN and may be sent a Membership kit. The PIN, along with the Membership number, Member's full registered names, birth date, and/or recent travel details, will be used for security of the Member's Membership information. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that their PIN and other security information are kept secure. Note: To ensure your PIN is kept secure, never write it down and, if you change your PIN, avoid choosing obvious numbers like your date of birth or the last four digits of your phone number.

5.5 New Members may, before they use their Membership and within two weeks of receiving their Membership number, notify Precision Air that they no longer wish to be a Member. Precision Air will then cancel their Membership and refund any joining or other fees paid for that Membership. Otherwise, Membership is non-refundable and is not transferable.

5.6 A Member's mailing address may be used to determine their eligibility for Benefits, promotions and other offerings.

5.7 Each Member must advise Precision Air of any change of name, address,or other details as soon as practicable after the change. Changes to themailing address, PIN or other details may be made directly at Your Account at this website or by calling or e-mailing the Frequent Flyer Support Centre You must supply your Membership number and PIN when making any such changes. Written proof must be supplied for any change of name, and maybe required for other changes. Precision Air is not responsible for any failure by a Member to notify Precision Air of any changes in accordance with this clause, or for any incorrect changes notified to Precision Air.

5.8 Members may, at any time, cancel their Membership by providing written notice to Precision Air.

Note: Due to administrative constraints, upon receipt of a written notice under clause 5.8, Precision Air will cancel the relevant Membership and all accumulated Points in that Member's account will immediately expire. Accordingly, Precision Air recommends that Members carefully plan all cancellations to avoid unintentional loss of accumulated points.

6. Use of the Card, Membership Number and Benefits

6.1 By using the Card or Membership number, or claiming any Benefit, the Member agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and provides the consents specified in clause 16 relating to personal information. Points may only be earned and/or redeemed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.

6.2 The Card is and will remain the property of Precision Air and must bereturned on demand. It is not a payment card.

6.3 The Card, Membership number and PIN are valid for use only by the Member and are not transferable in any circumstances. If there is a validity period on a Card, the Card may be used only during that validity period.

6.4 Precision Air reserves the right at any time to require the Member to produce their Card and to quote their Membership number and PIN in order to earn Points with Precision Air or in connection with a transaction with any Non-airline Partner or airline partner, or while booking, ticketing or while the Member is travelling on or claiming or utilising any Points, Awards or Benefits.

6.5 In the event of loss, theft or unauthorised use of your Card or unauthorised use of your Membership number or PIN, it is your responsibility to advise Precision Air as soon as possible. The Member is liable for all use of the Card or Membership number until Precision Air is notified of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of the Card.

6.6 A Replacement Card Fee (see the Fee Schedule) will be charged when a replacement Card is issued. A request for waiving the Replacement Card Fee can be made only under the following circumstances and can be done only once:

a) A change of name due to marriage, divorce - relevant documentation required.

b) The card has an inoperable magnetic strip if any - the Card must be returned to Precision Air.

c) The card was stolen - police report required.

7. Member Obligations and Responsibilities

7.1 Members must not

a) Act in any way which breaches these Terms and Conditions; or

b) Abuse or misuse Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program, any Awards ,Benefits, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to the Member asa result of Membership including by:

i. Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities.

ii. Supplying or attempting to supply false or misleading information.

iii. Making a misrepresentation to Precision Air or any Airline Partner, Precision Air Interline Airline or Non-airline Partner.

iv. Selling, assigning, transferring or acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any Award, Benefit or Points other than inaccordance with these Terms and Conditions.

v. Acting in a hostile, abusive or aggressive way towards Precision Air staff or the staff of any Airline Partner, Precision Air Interline Airline or Non-airline Partner.

vi. Acting in an unruly manner on board a flight or in any airport lounges

vii. Refusing to follow reasonable instructions from any Precision Airstaff or the staff Airline Partner, Precision Air Interline Airline or Non-airline Partner.

7.2 Each Member is responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient Points to redeem for any Award that they request.

7.3 Each Member is responsible for regularly checking their Membership account and must:

a) Notify Precision Air of any omissions, incorrect entries or other discrepancies within three months of the applicable flight;

b) Notify Precision Air or the applicable partner (as specified by Precision Air)of any omissions, incorrect entries or other discrepancies within three months of any other transaction (or such other period specified by the partner).

Note: Some partners may require the Member to present their Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program card at the time of transaction and may not accept retrospective claims for Points. Members should check with the individual partner on their requirements. Precision Air (and each of its Non-airline Partners and airline partners) reserves the right to require proof of earning from the Member, including copies of ticket coupons and/or original boarding passes from flights claimed to have been flown or copies of receipts or similar documentation.

8. Suspension or Termination of Membership

8.1 If a Member has committed a material breach of any of the Terms and Conditions or has failed to pay any money due under Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program by the due date, whether intentionally or otherwise, then Precision Air may do any one or more of the following:

a) Suspend or terminate the Member's Membership and/or the right of the Member to use the Card;

b) Reverse or cancel the Member's Points or any part thereof; or

c) Cancel or refuse to honor any Awards (including ticketed Award Flights), benefits or both, that have been redeemed by or provided to the Member.

8.2 If Precision Air intends to take action under clause 8.1, it will notify the Member of its intention and the reason for that action. The Member will then have 21 days to respond to this notice by rectifying the breach (wherepossible) and providing any reason why Precision Air should not take action (provided that Precision Air may suspend the Member's account until any review is completed). Precision Air will review the response and advise the Member of its position.

8.3 Membership will terminate automatically on the death of a Member. Points earned but not yet redeemed or transferred prior to the death of the Member will be cancelled. Precision Air will close the Member's account onnotification of the Member's death. Precision Air will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by any person as a result of such cancellation.

9. Earning Points

9.1 General

9.1.1 To earn Points, Members must quote their name and Membership number, and may be required to produce their Card when utilising eligible Precision Air, Airline Partner or Non-airline Partner products or services.

9.1.2 A Member may earn Points only in relation to:
a) Eligible Flights taken after the Member's enrolment date and up to 30days prior to that date; and
b) Eligible transactions (acquisition of goods or other transactions) entered into after the Member's enrolment date. Except as provided elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, or as otherwise specified by Precision Air, Points may be credited only to the account of the Member who has acquired the eligible goods or services, entered into an eligible transaction or taken an Eligible Flight.

9.1.3 Points will not be awarded in relation to any products or services thatare cancelled, refunded or returned. Precision Air may cancel or deduct anyPoints that have been awarded in relation to cancelled, refunded or returnedproducts or services.

9.2 Points Validity

9.2.1 Except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, Points will not expire as long as the Member remains an Active Member.

9.2.2 All Points held in a Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program account of a non-Active Member will expire at the end of the 12th consecutive month for which the Member has not earned Points or Tier Points or redeemed Points. For this purpose, Points earned in relation to Eligible Flights are deemed to be earned on the date the Eligible Flight was taken. Within 60 days of thePoints expiration date, Precision Air will notify Members of the number of Points that are about to expire and the expiration date as follows:

a) Online Activity Statements display a warning to the Member;

b) Members who continue to receive paper Activity Statements, will receivean Activity Statement which includes a notification that points are about toexpire; and

c) Members who have opted to receive communications online and via email,will receive a notification within their monthly electronic newsletter.

9.2.3 Points cannot be re-credited once they have expired.

9.2.4 Precision Air reserves the right to reverse or cancel any Points credited to a Member incorrectly, or not in accordance with, or in breach of, the Terms and Conditions at any time.

9.3 Earning Points for Air Travel

9.3.1 Subject to clauses 9.3.2 and 9.4, Points for air travel may be earned only for paid travel (excluding for the avoidance of doubt any Award Flight) on regular scheduled flights where a Precision Air flight number (or the flightnumber of any Airline Partner not excluded under clause 9.4) is entered on the itinerary ('Eligible Flight').

9.3.2 For the purposes of earning Points, Tier Points and the Minimum Points Guarantee, Eligible Flights exclude a flight on Precision Air aircraft, where another airline's flight number is entered on the ticket, unless that flight has been specified by Precision Air as an Eligible Flight. It is theresponsibility of the Member to check whether a proposed booking is eligible to earn Points, Tier Points or the Minimum Points Guarantee and if so how many Points or Tier Points will be earned.

9.3.3 Points may be earned for each Flight Segment travelled on Eligible Flights by a Member. The number of Points earned is calculated using the shortest distance on the surface of the globe between the origin and destination of the Flight Segment, regardless of any intermediate stops.

9.3.4 Points for air travel will be accrued at the applicable Base Rate, asspecified in the Airline Earning Table.

9.3.5 The Minimum Points Guarantee will be applied to all Eligible Flights that have a PW or KQ flight number on code shared flights.

9.4 Points Are Not Earned on All Flights

9.4.1 Points are not earned for travel on:

a) Flights or booking classes that are not listed in or are excluded in the Airline Earning Table.
b) Infant fares (infant fares do not include infants travelling in their own paid seat.
c) Charter flights.
d) Freighter flights.
e) Free tickets or Award Flights.
f) Travel industry rebated tickets which are below 50%.
g) Competition prize tickets.
h) transport other than air transport unless specified by Precision Air.
i) Tickets acquired at an auction; or
j) Tickets which are subject to any specific provisions excluding the accumulation of Points.

9.5 Business Bonus (BB)

9.5.1 A Business Bonus may apply for travel on an Eligible Flight in Business class which will not be credited for unpaid travel in, or unpaid upgrades to, a higher class. Members should check the Airline Earning Table for details. Business Bonuses do not apply to Award Flights.

9.5.2 Business Bonuses will be added, when applicable, to the Base Rate for the flight undertaken. See Earning Points or the 'Earning Points' section in the Benefits Guidebook for worked examples.

9.6 Other Ways to Earn Points or Receive Benefits

9.6.1 The Precision Air has other arrangements with Non-airline Partners inrelation to the awarding of Points to Members. Such arrangements may change from time to time and may include the awarding of Points for participation in loyalty schemes or promotions.

10. Activity Statements

10.1 Members may access account information without charge at Your Activity Statement at this website. Members may also request statements inhard copy form from the Frequent Flyer Support Centre, subject to clause10.2.

10.2 A Statement Request Fee (see the Fee Schedule) will be charged when a Member requests an activity statement to be sent in paper form.

11. Redeeming Points for Awards

11.1 Award availability is limited.

11.2 For Awards other than Award Flights, in addition to the Points required for an Award, Members must pay any and all identified surcharges, charges, fees and taxes.

11.3 Members may assign Awards that they obtain through Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program to their Eligible Family Member subject to any terms and conditions applicable to the Award. However, there may be tax implications on such a transfer.

11.4 Awards may be subject to personal income or other tax assessment. Members are advised to check with their accountant or tax adviser for further information.

11.5 The Terms and Conditions applicable to an Award redemption will be those in force at the time the Points are redeemed for that Award.

11.6 The number of Points that must be redeemed in relation to a particular Award, and the amount that must be paid as part of a Points Plus Pay redemption, are determined by Precision Air. Precision Air may require a minimum number of Points be redeemed as part of any Points Plus Pay redemption. Precision Air does not give any warranty or make any representation in relation to the underlying value of any Awards.

11.7 Members must have in their account the number of Points required to redeem the chosen Award at the time the booking or redemption is processed. Any payment of a money amount required to obtain an Award must be paid at the time of booking or redemption.

11.8 Any credit or refund made to a Member under these Terms and Conditions will be made in Points to the extent that the Member redeemed Points to obtain the Award.

11.9 Points cannot be converted to or exchanged for money.

11.10 Precision Air may make (or may arrange for third parties to make) other Awards available for redemption through Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program for a specified period. Details and any additional terms and conditions applicable to those other Awards will be provided by the applicable Award supplier and/or at this website.

12. Flight Upgrades

12.1 General

12.1.1 Flight Upgrade may be available by redeeming Points at the rates setout in the Benefits Guidebook and displayed at this website. Flight Upgrades are subject to capacity controls and availability is limited.

12.1.2 Members must have sufficient Points for the requested Flight Upgrade at the time they request the Flight Upgrade.

12.1.3 Flight Upgrades are not available when travelling on Restricted Fares, Code share Flights. Otherwise, Flight Upgrades may be requested only on a paid, confirmed and ticketed Precision Air domestic or international flight booking on a service operated by Precision Air, with a Precision Air (PW) flight number, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

12.1.4 If a Flight Upgrade is requested on two or more individual Segments shown on a ticket, the Points required will be quoted separately for each Segment.

12.1.5 The following conditions apply to the use of Flight Upgrades:

a) Flight Upgrades cannot be used in conjunction with an open dated ticket, fares ineligible to earn Points, a travel industry reduced fare ticket, a prize ticket or any other promotional offer;

b) Flight Upgrades can only be requested on the Segments listed on the Itinerary for which the member has been issued a ticket;

c) Flight Upgrades may only be used to obtain an upgrade as follows: Economy to Business class

d) Points and Tier Points will be earned only for the class of service that hasbeen purchased, rather than the upgraded class of travel;

e) The fare conditions applicable to the fare originally purchased will apply, irrespective of upgraded class or travel; and

f) Special meals may not be available in the upgraded class of travel.

12.1.6 Flight Upgrades cancelled within 24 hours of flight departure, or failure to board a booked flight (no-show), will result in the loss of the Flight Upgrade and any Points used to redeem the Flight Upgrade. Flight Upgrades cancelled more than 24 hours prior to departure may be refunded and will incur a Refund of Unused Flight Upgrade Fee (see the Fee Schedule).

12.2 Flight Upgrades - for International Travel (on flights pw-031)

12.2.1 Flight Upgrades can be requested for a specific flight and date by phoning Precision Air or, if you hold an E-Ticket at this website, between 90 days and 24 hours before scheduled departure from the first port of the flight. Requests for Flight Upgrades will not be accepted within 24 hours ofscheduled departure from the port of origin.

12.2.2 Once an upgrade has been requested, all PIN changes between the time a Flight Upgrade is requested and the time the flights departs, must be advised to Precision Air reservations, otherwise the Flight Upgrade request will not be processed.

12.2.3 If a Flight Segment is cancelled or changed, the Flight Upgrade request will be cancelled, and a new Flight Upgrade request must be made.

12.2.4 Precision Air will determine which requests for Flight Upgrades will be awarded, if any, during the 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight from its port of origin. Members who do not have sufficient Points at that time will not be eligible to be awarded a Flight Upgrade.

12.2.5 Flight Upgrades will be awarded to Members according to their Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program status levels in the following order: Tanzanite Members first, then Gold, Silver and Jade Members.

12.2.6 When passengers are travelling together but have separate bookings, the awarding of the Flight Upgrade is processed for each booking separately. Precision Air cannot guarantee that both requests will be awarded.

12.2.7 Once a Flight Upgrade has been awarded, the passenger will lose their previous seat allocation, and a seat may no longer be available in the original class if they wish to cancel their Flight Upgrade.

12.2.8 Members who have lodged requests for Flight Upgrades will beadvised whether or not they have been awarded a Flight Upgrade within 24 hours of date of departure.

12.2.9 If a Member:
a) Cancels a Flight Upgrade after it has been awarded; or
b) Fails to board a booked flight for which the Member has redeemed Points for a Flight Upgrade, then the Flight Upgrade will be forfeited, along with any Points used to redeem that Flight Upgrade.

12.2.10 A Member may cancel a request for a Flight Upgrade at any timeprior to the time at which Precision Air awards the Flight Upgrade without penalty.

13. On Departure Upgrades

13.1 On Departure Upgrade Awards are available by redeeming Points atthe rates published at this website. Points will be deducted from a Member's account at the time that a request is successfully processed.

13.2 The provision of On Departure Upgrades is subject to availability in the applicable booking class, airport operational requirements and cateringavailability. Special meals may not be available in the upgraded class. Precision Air may occasionally have to restrict this facility without prior notice on some routes or under special circumstances

13.3 Once confirmed and processed, any Points redeemed for an On Departure Upgrade will not be re-credited or refunded for any reason, except where the Points are incorrectly redeemed as a result of an error by Precision Air.

14. Top-up Points

14.1 If Members do not have sufficient Points to redeem a particular Award Flight, they may purchase additional Points towards that Award Flight at therates specified by Precision Air, subject to the following:
a) The purchased Points may only be credited to that Member's account;
b) Each purchase must be for a minimum of 500 Points and a maximum of 20,000 Points, and in such bar of Points as Precision Air may specify;
c) Each Member may purchase additional Points only once in each four consecutive month period; and
d) Once Points have been purchased, they cannot be refunded, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the applicable Fare Conditions.

14.2 The purchase of additional Points does not guarantee the availability of an Award Flight.

14.3 Points do not have a monetary value and cannot be converted tomoney. They cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The prices for additional Points do not represent a monetary value for Points.

15. Membership Levels, Tier Points and Benefits

15.1 MembershipLevels

15.1.1 There are four Membership levels in Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program. The entry level is Jade. Members may progress to the higher levels- Silver, Gold and Tanzanite - by earning Tier Points.

15.1.2 Tier Points are earned for paid travel. The number of Tier Points earned varies depending on the class booked for travel.

15.1.3 Tier Points are not earned for travel on:

a) Infant fares do not include infants travelling in their own paid seat.

b) Charter flights.

c) Freighter flights.

d) Free tickets or Award Flights.

e) Travel industry rebated tickets.

f) Competition prize tickets.

g) Tickets acquired at an auction

h) Tickets which are subject to any specific provisions excluding theaccumulation of Points.

15.1.4 The numbers of Tier Points required to attain and retain Silver, Goldand Tanzanite status levels are published at this website.

15.1.5 The travel required in each Membership Year to attain or retain Silver, Gold or Tanzanite status level must include a minimum of twelve Precision Air Flight Segments.

15.1.6 Membership status levels are valid for a minimum of one year.

15.1.7 It is the responsibility of the Member to check whether a proposed booking is eligible to earn Tier Points and if so how many Tier Points will be earned.

15.2 Membership downgrade

15.2.1 If the Tanzanite Member fails to accrue sufficient Tier Points insubsequent Membership Years, the Tanzanite Member will be subjected to Gold status level qualifying criteria.

15.2.2 If the Gold Member fails to accrue sufficient Tier Points insubsequent Membership Years, the Gold Member will be subjected to Silver status level qualifying criteria.

15.2.3 If the Silver Member fails to accrue sufficient Tier Points insubsequent Membership Years, the Silver Member will be subjected to Jade status level qualifying criteria.

15.2.4 If the Jade Member fails to accrue sufficient Tier Points insubsequent Membership Years, the Membership will be terminated.

15.3 Priority Economy Class Seat Purchase

15.3.1 Priority Economy Class Seat Purchase is available to Tanzanite Members under the following conditions:

a) The Member must hold or purchase a ticket in the nominated fare type for  domestic (Fully Flexible fares in H or K class) or international travel (full Economy class or the highest excursion fares in S, B or E class) on a Precision Air operated service with a Precision Air flight number;
b) A maximum of two seats per request is permitted - one of which must befor the use of the Member, and the other for a person travelling with the Member on a paid ticket;
c) The booking or request must be made no later than midday (local time inthe city of departure) on the day prior to the scheduled departure;
d) E-Tickets, must be purchased for domestic flights and wherever offered internationally;
e) Precision Air may occasionally have to restrict this facility without prior notice on some routes or under special circumstances;
f) Normal check-in times and conditions apply.

16. Personal Information

16.1 It is a condition of Membership that a Member consents and authorises Precision Air and Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program to collect, use and disclose the information on their application form and other information that Precision Air or Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program collects in relation to the Member for the purposes described in this clause, and any other person (including related bodies corporate, agents and contractors) for the purposes of:

a) Precision Air or any of its related bodies corporate, providing products orservices, including the awarding of Points to Members;

b) Precision Air or any of its related bodies corporate improving customer service, including by means of research, marketing, product development and planning;

c) Precision Air marketing its products or services or the products or services of third parties; and

d) Any third party providing services to Precision Air, any of its related bodies corporate or Members in connection with the administration of PAA ROYAL Frequent Flyer Program.This information may be transferred to or from Tanzania for these purposes. If all or any part of the requested information is not provided by the Member, the services provided to that Member by Precision Air may be affected.

16.2 On request by a Member and to the extent permitted or required by law, Precision Air will provide that Member with access to and the ability to correct their personal information held by Precision Air. Only the Member named on the account will be entitled to access their Membership information. However, Precision Air does comply with validly served and executed court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by State, Federal and international agencies. Under those circumstances orwhere otherwise required by law, a Member's account information may be shared with others or without that Member's knowledge or consent.

17. Liability

17.1 Precision Air acknowledges that certain laws imply terms, conditions or warranties into contracts for the supply of goods or services that cannot be excluded. For example, for consumers, services come with non-excludable warranties under consumer protection legislation that they will be provided with due care and skill and be reasonably fit for their purpose. Clause 17.2 is not intended to exclude or restrict the application of such laws.

17.2 Subject to clause 17.1, the Precision Air and any of their officers,employees or agents are not liable for any loss or claim of any kind (including, without limitation, consequential or economic loss or loss of profits), arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or Precision Air Frequent Flyer, including, without limitation, any changes to the Terms and Conditions or Precision Air Frequent Flyer, save to the extent that such loss or claim arises from the negligence or willful misconduct of a Precision Air, or any of their officers, employees or agents.

18. General

18.1 Interpretation: In these Terms and Conditions, unless the contrary intention appears:

a) The singular includes the plural and vice versa.

b) Dollars or '$' means American dollars.

c) Unless otherwise stated, all dollar amounts include any applicable GST.

d) A reference to 'include' or 'including' means 'including but not limited to.

18.2 Governing Law: The Terms and Conditions and membership in Paa Royal Frequent Flyer Program are governed by and will be construed inaccordance with the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, irrespective of where the application for Membership has been completed by the Member or submitted to Precision Air Services Limited. In any action or other legal process with respect to any matter or thing in connection with these Terms and Conditions or Membership the Member submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the United Republic of Tanzania.

18.3 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects any rights a Member may have and which by law cannot be excluded, under national consumer protection legislation.

18.4 If part or all of any clause of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable then it will be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid or unenforceable, but if that is not possible, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have fullforce and effect.

18.5 Precision Air recommends that Members consult their accountant or tax adviser to ensure that they understand possible tax (including fringe benefitstax) implications, if any, related to Membership and Benefits.


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