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Cargo Services

Fast Freight Services
Designed for urgent shipments to meet time deadline and market demand.
This product includes features such as guaranteed space, fast loading and offloading processes and delivery.
Special Cargo Services
All cargo which in one way or the other may require special attention/ handling are regarded as special cargo.
Special cargo may include;
Human Remains (dead body)
Live animals
Day old chicks
Dangerous goods
News papers.
Special cargo may be attracted to reduction or surcharge rate. There are types of special cargo that can not be uplifted on board ATR type of aircraft.

    i. Human remains:  
We are committed to providing attentiveness and respect when transporting the deceased. This service provides the transportation of Human Remains or ashes in our aircrafts, and is considered special cargo, with confirmed space from origin to destination. Reservations to transport Human Remains must be previously coordinated, in order for us to guarantee the reservation.

When transported on PW flights, must be contained in a soldered inner coffin of lead or zinc, which in its turn must be packed in a wooden coffin. Cremated remains: must be shipped in funeral urns which are efficiently protected against breakage by a cushioning packaging. Cremated remains will be accepted on any aircraft without any advanced arrangements.

Documents required: The majority of countries have special transport requirements as outlined below, as well as any other additional documentation that must be validated by the Consulate in the country of shipping origin:
Death certificate issued by the appropriate Authority in the country where the death occurred
International transit permits for the Human Remains issued by the Health Authority where the death occurred
Sanitary-epidemiologic confirmation that the deceased neither died of infectious disease nor in an area of infectious diseases.
Embalming certificate
Burial Permit
Copy of deceased’s passport and that of the family member or person that is requesting the transportation

    ii. Paa Live


Due to restriction on our aircraft type (ATR), transporting live animals to and from Dar es Salaam is not available; we are only transporting live animals when we operate Boeing 737-300. Additionally, we will only accept live animals that are not dangerous or offensive for transportation in passenger aircraft and whose size is acceptable for transportation.
The transportation of any live animal can be complicated due to current IATA (LAR) regulations regarding handling and transportation. These regulations specify certain policies such as documentation, the containers and specific identification needed for shipping and handling. We invite you to learn more about these regulations at IATA.
Live animals will only be transported as previously stated and subject to the following conditions:

Shall not require attention during the flight
Shall comply with governmental and airline regulations
Shall be stored in an appropriate container (kennel) to allow for safe transportation during the flight   

iii. Paa-PER

This service provides transportation for items that require fast delivery due to the nature of the goods. These are articles that decompose quickly or which require priority in transportation and special handling. Some examples of these goods include:

Fresh products, frozen or fresh meats, flowers, foliage, fresh fruits, ice-cream, medicine, bread and pastries, newspapers and magazines, fish, seafood and fresh or frozen mussels, plants, dairy products, blood and/or plasma, serum and vaccines, vegetables and fresh greens.
    iv. Paa-VAL  


This service is provided for those articles that have a declared value for transportation higher than USD200 or more per gross kilo. These shipments require maximum security and special handling. Some examples of valuable cargo are:

Gold, platinum metals (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and rhodium) excluding radioactive isotopes of said metals that can be subject to the requirements of Dangerous Goods; travelers checks, policies, cash, legal documents, stock certificates, postage stamps and credit cards; jewelry and gold, silver, or platinum watches; diamonds, including industrial diamonds; sapphires, rubies, emeralds; and real pearls, including cultivated.

     v. Paa-DG


Restricted Articles or dangerous goods are described as articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air. These articles require special handling and procedures for air transportation.
Some of the articles considered dangerous goods are as follows:

Compressed gases (flammables, non-flammable, toxic): gas containers, cylinders of compressed air, aerosols or scuba diving tanks
Corrosive goods such as acids, alkaline, lithium batteries
Explosive, guns, ammunitions, or explosives, fireworks
Liquids or flammable solids: gas for lighters, matches, and articles that easily ignite
Radioactive articles
Irritant or acidifying articles: bleaching agents, peroxide, cleaning bleach, hydrogen peroxide
Toxic or poisonous materials: arsenic, cyanide, insecticides or herbicides
Infectious substances and laboratory testing for diagnosis

All items classified as dangerous goods must be presented for transport as follows:

Properly classified, labeled and with the proper name of the article being shipped
Properly packaged, according to the applicable Packaging Instructions
Properly labeled, according to the risks that the article can represent during air transport
Accompanied by "The Shipper Declaration of Dangerous Goods" form properly completed and signed
Note: Dangerous Goods services is currently not available on PW flights

    vi. Paa General

PW general cargo services, is the most economical service designed for transportation of all types of cargo that do not require special attention. This services is available in all flights to all destination were PW flies.  The service is widely available from PW cargo or appointed cargo agents.

     vii. Paa Courier

Designed to cater the needs of courier companies who ship parcels and document.

This service has a minimum cut off times and priority loading and offloading compared to General cargo services

We are offering this service exclusively to certified Courier companies throughout all of our Precision Air Services routes within the system.

Shipments will be accepted for transportation from airport to airport on the next available flight, and will be restricted to the regulations and rates for the service. Under this service, we will not accept any “Special Shipments” and Customs procedures will be the responsibility of the consignee.

    viii. Paa Parcel

We realize that there are many times when small package delivery is very important for you. For this reason, we offer the Parcel Cargo Services to send documents and small packages from airport to airport with a high-boarding priority. This is available for all of our routes.

The service includes the following features:

High-boarding priority
Fast connections and daily frequencies to most destinations
Prior reservation is not required
Piece Restrictions: Weight must be under than 45 kilos (100 pounds) and the dimensions must not exceed 90 inches, 30x30x30 lineal inches
Declared value for each piece must not exceed more than US $500
Package Restrictions: We do not accept dangerous goods, perishable merchandise, live animals or high-value items with this service
Competitive fares for all our destinations
Payment must be made in cash and the AWB will be issued at the PW CARGO counter
    ix. Paa Mail

Is designed to meet the need of the Postal Corporation and/ or Mail agent and is in line with the requirements of Universal Postal Union.

The Postal goods uplifted are under AV7 or CN38 and must conform to UPU/IATA requirements.


For more detailed information about this service, we invite you to consult our offices directly, or send your requests via e-mail to your sales representative. For more information please consult PW Cargo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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