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Mtwara is a southern region of Tanzania bordered by the neighbouring country of Mozambique in the south.

The region is somewhat popular for its good, sandy beaches found in the northern part of in the town of Shangani area offering tourists and visitors an awesome spot for relaxation. It is also possible to canoe or take a dhow across the bay’s entrance to the Msangamkuu peninsula once at the Shangani beaches. Here you will find superb beaches with great snorkelling and diving sites.

Mtwara is a fast growing region following the discovery of gas and construction of the Mtwara–Dar es Salaam Natural Gas Pipeline that transports natural gas from Tanzania's natural gas fields in Mnazi Bay, Mtwara Region to Dar es Salaam.

Mtwara’s airport is about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi), by road, south of the town of Mtwara. This is about 568 kilometres (353 mi), by road and 400 kilometres (249 mi), by air, south of Julius Nyerere International Airport.

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