+255746984100 / +255784108800


How do I get updates about the status of my flight?

You can get a status update on your flight by dialing the code *150*15#   and you can have a choice of service you wish to get from the menu that will appear.


How can I make changes to my flight date or time?

To change your flight date or time you can contact any PrecisionAir office your travel Agent or. You can also call our contact centre + 255 787 888 409/408/417, just give the details of your flight and they will provide you with the assistance you need.


Where can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your ticket from any PrecisionAir office, your favorite travel agent or online with option to pay online by credit card or you can pay later at any precision air office.


What do I do if my luggage is lost?

If you lose your luggage, kindly fill the lost luggage report form at the PrecisionAir desk found at the airport or online form and you will be provided with all the necessary information by PrecisionAir staff who will assist in tracking your luggage and update you on the progress periodically. Luggage left behind for any reason, are usually sent by the next available flight from the station where the luggage was last seen.


What do I do if I need special assistance during travel or if a child or a person with any medical or non medical condition that requires special attention is travelling?

If you need any special attention during travel kindly inform our agent when you are making a reservation and give a detailed explanation of the condition as well as the type of assistance you might require. Some condition might require a medical clearance form to be filled by your Doctor.


How do I get information about the destination that I want to visit?

To get detailed information about any destination please visit their embassies or their national website. But always visit the embassy for up to date information.



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