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Special Assistance

Reservation requirement

Our recommendation is that you make your travel plans early to enable us give you the best service. You are required to declare any medical condition you could be having, at the time of booking your ticket or at least 36 hours before departure. This is because some conditions are aggravated by flying and in order to make your flight comfortable and for us to prepare to handle any complications that may occur during the flight.


Medical clearance Medical clearance is required to assess your fitness to fly if you have a medical condition. A medical information form (MEDIF) should be filled by your doctor. It must be signed by you (or your guardian) and your doctor.


 You are required to have the form filled if:

1.You had recent illness, injury, surgery or hospitalization. 

2. You need special services such as;

  • Oxygen supply
  • Medical escort/in-flight medical treatment and/or
  • Carriage of medical equipment

3. You are travelling back after seeking treatment in another destination.

If you traveled out due to seeking treatment in another destination, you will require having another MEDIF filled for your return journey. The process above needs to be followed.

The medical information is handled confidentially. Once completed, the MEDIF must be presented to airport Precision Air’s customer service team within 24 hrs prior to check in. After receiving the duly filled and signed MEDIF, the PW Station Manager/In Charge will either grant or deny clearance depending on the passenger’s clinical status and services/medication required.


Reduced Mobility Services

Passengers with reduced mobility may travel alone or accompanied. They may travel alone if they are considered to be self-sufficient/self-supporting. Passengers requiring the use of wheelchairs and other mobility aids like lifting aids are advised to make their travel plans in advance and inform the airline at the time of ticket reservation. They shall then be easily identified by special remarks in the Passenger Name Request (PNR): for example, “Passenger needing a wheelchair (WCH R, S or C), PW arranges wheelchair transport from check-in to the boarding gates and to the aircraft; and from the aircraft to the arrivals hall at your destination. Travelling with your wheelchair is acceptable but it will be checked in as luggage.



1. We must be notified immediately of any change in your medical condition prior to travel.

2. If you have a connecting flight with another airline, ensure that you have obtained clearance with them as well prior to your flight.




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