Travel Planner

Security Information


At reservation and check-in counter DECLARE IF:

  • You intend to travel with firearm(s) and ammunitions. Obtain all legal documents from states of origin, transit, overly and destination as applicable. Before check-in surrender the firearms to police and security. You must report earlier than other passengers.
  • The tickets to be purchased are for prisoners, deportees, and persons under custody or any one travelling under judicial administration.
  • The ticket to be purchased is for mentally disabled person(s).

At the airport


  1. Carry all required and valid travel documents including Identity card.
  2. Aim to report at the time check-in starts NOT latest time since you might spend a lot of time on other queues before the queue to your check-in counter.
  3. Take care of your carryon items and ensure you collect them all while disembarking. Remember, airlines are not liable for loss of carryon items.
  4. Report any suspicious behavior at the airport or on board to security, police or crew member.


  1. Pack Liquids, aerosols and Gels in the hand luggage unless they follow under exemptions.
  2. Pack in the checked baggage valuables e.g. Computers, camera, phones and anything you consider of special value because airlines’ liability is limited in rare occasions of such items or baggage going missing.
  3. Accept baggage or items for carriage from other people even if they are airline/airport staff since they could be containing explosives, dangerous articles/substances or illegal drugs/goods.
  4. Leave your baggage unattended at the airport or any where before check-in.
  5. Carry bigger baggage that may not fit in the overhead lockers.
  6. Over pack the baggage since security may need to physically search and it may not be possible to re-pack without damage.