About Us

About Us

Precision Air is a public listed Tanzanian airline, which is a leader in providing scheduled flight services to over 17 destinations within and outside Tanzania from its main hub Dar es Salaam. The company operates on the principle that quick, comfortable and reliable service is the best way to serve its customers. Through its customer-focused approach, many have become part of the Precision Air family.

Tanzania, situated on the eastern part of the continent of Africa just south of the equator, is a vast country endowed with varied natural splendor. Precision Air started with its headquarters in Arusha - the midpoint between the Cape and Cairo, which is the entry point to many of Tanzania's world-renowned landmarks and national parks. The headquarters of Precision Air are now Dar es Salaam, the business complex of the country, which is home to a vast size of traffic travelling within and outside Tanzania.

Precision Air has a reputable on-time performance on scheduled flights. We are serious when we recite our motto, Quick, Comfortable and Reliable. After all, Precision is part of our name.

Mission and Vision:

Our Mission - "To Develop And Provide Superior Air Transport Services That Exceeds Customer Expectations."

Our Vision - "To Be The Airline Of Choice."

In 2011 the airline has launched an Internet Booking Engine known as Click and Fly aimed at making bookings easily accessible and payable through credit cards transactions. Year 2010 also saw the launch of PW-SMS, a product which enables a passenger to inquire ones flight up-dates simply by the push of the button on ones mobile phone. While Paa Royal is also a Frequent Flyer Program which the airline introduced to reward its loyal customers for their patronage, this is another milestone for Precision Air as it became the first Tanzanian airline to introduce such a program. So far (by March 2012) the program has enrolled 10,700 members.