Paa Royal


Benefits of the Paa Royal Program:

Upon enrollment a member begins a journey of a rewarding and royal treatment from Precision Air. As you move up the level you are opened up to new opportunities of experiencing world class services from when you buy your ticket up to when you arrive to your destination. Below are the benefits of each membership level.

Jade Member Benefits:

Upon enrolment you will be give a jade membership card which you must always show when buying your ticket as well as when check in at the Airport. With the card you will be recognized as a member of the Royal Program, Paa Royal. Other Benefits of the Jade membership are:

  • Special and exclusive birthday greetings from Precision Air.
  • An opportunity to get a free ticket with Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account.

Silver Member Benefits:

After attaining silver membership level, you will be issued with a silver membership card which you must show at all Precision Air Point of Sales in order to receive the recognition that you deserve. You will be entitled to special treatment and Priority Treatment whenever you are travelling. Other Benefits of the silver Membership level are:

  • 5 Kilograms extra Baggage allowance whenever you are travelling on Precision Air Service.
  • Priority waitlist/Airport standby whenever you want travel and your flight is full you will be given Priority at the airport.
  • Preferred seating whenever you are travelling and would like to have that specific seat with a nice view and more space, our staff will do the necessary to ensure that you have a vey pleasant flight.
  • Priority telephone reservation, in those times when you want to make your reservation and you cannot visit our office or your agent. Your booking is a call away through our call centre or our Paa Royal helpdesk line.
  • Priority membership baggage tags - When travelling and you have checked baggage, you bags will be handled with care and you will see your bags first through the conveyor belt.
  • Exclusive sales desk - When you visit our offices to buy your ticket you will not be treated as a guest our staff will give you a special treatment and address all your travel needs.

 Gold Member Benefits:

After attaining the Gold membership, you will begin to experience the royal and exclusive treatment whenever you fly. You will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experience and of course you will be more rewarded. Below are the benefits of Gold membership;

  • 10 Kg of extra weight allowance whenever you travel on the services of Precision Air.
  • 10% Bonus points from your status credit whenever you travel.
  • Priority Check in at the Airport.
  • Priority Baggage Label to permanently attach to your suitcase.
  • Light refreshment voucher for domestic travel.
  • Business class lounge access for international travel.
  • Sharing of your points with family members, you can share the points you have earned by letting your family member use them for travel.

Tanzanite Member Benefits:

When you reach Tanzanite member you attain ultimate Royalty. We will always strive to give you an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level you will be already used to Royal treatment and Royalty will be your way of life. You will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 15 Kg extra Baggage allowance whenever you travel on Precision Air.
  • 15% bonus points from your status credit.
  • Priority economy seat purchase for up to two people including yourself. This is when you want to buy a ticket on that sold out flight where you will be able to buy a ticket for yourself and another one person a a ticket on the full economy fare even on a sold out flight.
  • Priority boarding at the airport where you can either board first or board at your own convenience, the choice is yours and whatever your choice we will deliver.