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With our website fully functioning you are assured of ease of access to all our services.

Karibu – Welcome – to our home page, a place where you will find first hand information about our airline at the click of a button. In here you will be able to view our seasonal promo fares, be the first to receive updates on our various daily operations and developments, enhance your knowledge on our fleet, destinations, management, corporate news and travel tips and best of all, be among the early birds to catch our lowest fares.

We are definitely evolving for the better and as our new Vision states; “To be the airline of choice and catalyst for change” it combines both our premium goals as a business entity and our will to bring change to the society we serve. We believe our services across Tanzania and regionally will bring about social economical transformations within our societies.

We will achieve the above by following our Mission which reads “To provide superior airline services that are customer focused, reliable, safe and competitive” this mission is our compass towards improving overall customer experiences. A happier customer definitely means happier business for us.

Recently we have re-opened our operations to Kigoma, Tabora and Musoma. Continued Government investments in these regional airports has made this possible. Our regional network spans from commercial, touristic and leisure destinations not only across Tanzania and Kenya but also beyond Africa through our partnerships with other international carriers. We continue to review our network and analyze data for newer routes and destinations, visit this website often to get updates on our new routes.

Precision air also looks forward to modernizing its fleet by adding jet fleet by the year 2016. The addition of the jets in our fleet will go hand in hand with our motto which is Quick, Reliable and affordable.

Thank you for visiting our website and please continue to surf periodically for more exciting updates.

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We would love to hear from you on your comments and feedback, write to us on customer-relations@precisionairtz.com.

Looking forward to welcome you Aboard Precision Air!!

Sauda Rajabu


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